Plan the Perfect Vacation in Your Budget

How to successfully plan your dream vacation. No travel agents, No guides, No extra expense, 100% fun.

Stunning Vacation Planning within the Budget

Vacation planning


Vacation- An escape from tensity, place to find unrevealed you, happy moments with your loved ones and a pleasant break from the routine life. Many definitions and a lot of meanings. Vacation is that sweet time stolen from the busy schedule which will give you the experience to cherish forever. And it has to be special, very very special. Who doesn’t dream of a perfect vacation, may it be a tour to the hill station or some historical city or beaches or even an international tour.

The first thought that comes to our mind when we think of planning a vacation is to contact a travel company, which is quite obvious. But hey, wait a second, you are not here to do the obvious stuff! Personally planning your trip is twice as much fun as the trip itself. Yes, it does take a lot of efforts and time but the immense satisfaction you get is priceless. Right from researching the destinations to booking the hotels, every step is worth it. And not to say it will definitely cut down your expense by 30-40%.


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Steps to follow in planning the trip


1. Selecting the Destination- The most important step in planning your dream vacation!

Plan a dream vacation
Zeroing to the perfect vacation destination is not an easy task, but its the most fun moment too. You will have to have an overall idea of your budget while selecting the holiday destination. Do consider the travel expenses, accommodation & food expenses and weather condition also.

First of all, shortlist 3-4 probable places for thorough research. Check out the weather conditions, site seeing options, accommodation options, low and order conditions, booking discounts offered and then finalize the place after having the discussion with fellow travelers. Remember! communication and understanding is the key to success in every project.


2. Finalize the Dates

Plan a dream vacation
Once you know where you are going to travel the next step is to finalize the exact dates of your tour. It is advisable to start planning the tour 1-2 months in advance to avoid any sold out issues. Usually, heavy discounts are offered on flights and hotels if you book in advance. Avoid monsoon season and summer season tours especially if there are children traveling with you. Of course, you would never want to spend the day in your hotel bed because of a flood-like situation or scorching sun either. Select the dates which will be comfortable for everyone who will be traveling. Decide the duration for your trip and then you are ready to do further planning.


3. Transportation

Plan a dream vacation
Based on the destination’s geographical condition, the distance to be traveled, time allocation and your budget you need to select a transport medium which will best suit you. Always try to travel during night time for efficient time management. Book the tickets well in advance as you can avail good discounts. Usually, the ticket fare is much cheaper for advance booking. If you book a round trip then it will further reduce your travel expense.

Check the ticket price on all of the online booking apps and websites. Do a good search for discount coupons. Don’t forget to check out newly opened websites instead of well-known ones, as they offer good promotional discounts. However, do verify their authenticity thoroughly before making any payments.


4. Hotel booking

Plan a dream vacation
Hotel booking can be the most tricky thing in the whole plan. There is a high chance of going wrong while booking the hotel and hence you have to be extra cautious at this step.

Things to be considered while booking a hotel.


  • Check recent reviews from the customers. If most of the reviews are poor or if the hotel has hidden the review section then it’s a big NO NO!
  • Read hotel policy carefully
  • Facilities offered
  • Do research on the hotel locality
  • Check the distance from site seeing places and availability of internal transport facilities
  • Availability of food
  • Distance from airport or railway station (Whichever is your transport medium)
  • Traffic situation around the hotel
  • Your BUdget
    Never ever book a hotel before reading the reviews, especially when you are traveling with your family. Try to find a combination of decent facilities and a fair price. A hotel room can range from Rps. 100 to Rps. 50000, select the hotel considering all the above factors. After all, its very special trip and you would not want to ruin it with a bad hotel experience. Don’t hesitate to spend a little more money on the hotel booking if it is worth it.


    5. Site Seeing

    Plan a dream vacation
    Well, site seeing is one of the main reason behind choosing the destination. Gather all the information about the timings, transportation, dress code if any, entry fees etc. so that it won’t get messed up at the last moment. If you know these things there is actually no need for any guide. Choose the spots taking into consideration the likings of everyone. There are many forums on the internet where you can find the reviews about the place, the do’s and the don’ts too.

    Don’t plan too many spots in a single day. Also, consider the delay due to transport, lunch, shopping or other factors. Remember, you are arranging the trip to find some relaxed moments, it should not be a robotic situation. Try to book the entry tickets or passes over the internet as and where possible.


    6. Final Checklist

    Plan a dream vacation
    Once all the bookings are done, make a checklist of things you will need and cross-check them while packing the bags.

  • Passports (if planning an international tour)
  • Ticket printouts
  • Id cards
  • Atm cards and cash
  • Medicines if any
  • First aid kit
  • Child care kit (if needed)
  • Important toiletries and body/hair care kit
  • Towel/napkins
  • Tooth brush and tooth paste
  • Phone charger, power banks, headphones
  • Cloths
  • Camera and charger
  • Sunglasses and Hat (If you feel like)
  • Sleeping bag liner (if you have plans of camping)
  • Tracking shooes (if required)
  • Plastic bags to keep used loundry

    7. Packing Your Bags

    Plan a dream vacation
    Bag packing is an art, and not everyone masters it. However, you should know the basic rules for packing. Make a list of all the important stuff you will need for your trip. Refrain from making the bag unnecessarily heavy. Definitely, you won’t need your play station on your trip, so no point in making a place for it in the bag! Minimize the clothes and other accessories. Do not dumb everything together like how we do in our cupboard. Segregate the items properly and pack them systematically. Roll your jeans, t-shirts, shirts, and dresses in a proper way. Carry a separate small bag for frequently used things. Pack your bags smartly, and you are all set to take off for your dream vacation trip!


    While opting for a travel agency

    It’s not something impossible to plan a perfect vacation on your own, but it will require a lot of time and involvement. However, if you are ready to spend a little extra and want to go for the travel company there are many options available there too.

    Internet is flooded with travel companies and tour organizers, which offers tour packages to almost every corner of the earth. Be wise while choosing the tour package. Your little awareness can save you from a lot of hassle and also quite a lot of money too. Consider checking the tour packages with 3-4 travel agencies. Thoroughly read the company policy, inclusion and exclusion to tour package, facilities offered, safety compliance, company liabilities, insurances, refunds, etc. Again, the most important check the company reputation and reviews from other clients. Do not blindly trust anyone blindly. Keep an eye on the hotels and other promised facilities.



    We hope that this information was useful in planning your dream vacation. Do let us know your feedback in the comment section. We will be happy to answer your questions as well.

    To travel is to live!

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