How to switch ON/OFF the “Auto-correct” feature in Kika keyboard for Xiaomi?

Autocorrect is the special feature, precisely designed to help you with the spellings and typing mistakes. However many times this feature correct even those words that do not require the correction completely changing the meaning of the sentence. Often we use shorts forms or a local language for casual messaging. In this scenario, the Autocorrect feature becomes real trouble. Sometimes it is really frustrating and a waste of your precious time. The good news that the users can turn off the auto-correct feature any time he wishes to.

Kika Keyboard for XiaoMI is exclusively designed for XiaoMI users. It has precise prediction and smart auto-correction feature. It can be downloaded from google play store for free.

How to switch On/OFF the Kika keyboard?

Below mentioned are the few easy steps to switch On and Off the autocorrect feature.

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Step1: Navigate to the settings tab

Slide down the top section on the home page and click on the settings tab.

Step 2: Click on Additional Settings

Scroll the “Settings” tab to find the “Additional Settings” option.

Step 3: Click on “Languages & Input”

Once you are inside the “Additional Settings” tab, the second option is the “Languages & Input”.

Step 4: Click on “Kika keyboard for Xiaomi”

Click on “Kika keyboard for Xiaomi” option to access the settings on the keyboard.

Step 5: Click on “Settings” option.

Click on the setting option in “Kika keyboard for Xiaomi” section.

Step 6: Click on “Advanced Settings”

Scroll down to find the “Advanced settings” option.

Step 7: Click on “Auto-Correction” tab

Click on Auto-correction tab under “Text Correction” section.

Step 8: Select the language

Once you are inside the ” Auto-correction ” it will show you two options.

  1. English (UK)
  2. English (IN)

You can turn off the “Auto-correction” feature for both the languages.

Step 9: Select “off”

Once you click on the language you will then see a pop-up with four options. Select the radio button of “Off” mode to disable the auto-correction feature. The “Modest” mode will allow you to add new words to the dictionary, whereas “Very aggressive” mode will try to change almost every word in your sentence.