Why is my post not getting indexed in Google search console| Discovered-currently not indexed error

It has been noticed that the “Request Indexing” feature in the Google Search Console is not working for some time. Many people are getting error “Discovered-currently not indexed” in search console and page is found nowhere in SERPs.

Before discussing this issue will first know what is Indexing and how to index pages faster

What is Indexing:

  • Whenever you create a new blog/post on your website the prime focus is the post should be visible on Google serach engine known as SERP.
  • In order to Index your post faster we submit the URL on Google search console URL Inspection Tool,by which Google bots crawl the website faster and Indexes it if Google thinks it satisfies their Quality Guidelines.

How to Index Webpage:

  • Your site must have metadata—sitemaps that does not block bots to crawl the site.
  • Make sure you have good on page seo score
  • Once you have made a post ,share the post to major social networking sites such as facebook ,twitter and many more
  • To index faster submit the webpage URL to Google Search Console
  • In search console Under URL inspection tool submit the URL.
  • Once submitted if URL is not on Google click on Request Indexing,this will fasten the process of URL indexing

Discovered-currently not indexed Error:

Recently we have found that even after URL submission post are not getting Indexed.Tried many possible solution yet displaying Discovered-currently not indexed error.I started getting the issue 1 week ago.While trying to find solution found out latest announcement from google which may be the reason for the same.

Google today has announced that it has temporarily disabled the feature.

request indexing google
request indexing google

Although google will continue to find & index content through the regular methods.

We have disabled the “Request Indexing” feature of the URL Inspection Tool, in order to make some infrastructure changes. – Says Google Webmaster.

Request indexing is a crucial tool used by millions of websites whenever they publish any new post. It helps to get the URL indexed on a fast-tracked basis.

A few web url may take a longer time for getting indexed in the absence of “request indexing” feature.

The search console, however, shows a “Request indexing” option but the URL indexing process is not getting fast-tracked. We found that the “coverage status” shows “Discovered-currently not indexed”. As per some reports in normal circumstances, google may take 4 days to 6 months to index a website URL. While the URLs used to get within 10 mins through the request indexing feature.

Discovered-currently not indexed

Even though Google has not provided the time span, the process will take at lest a few weeks. It is expected that the request indexing feature will be up and running in the coming weeks.


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