Virat Kohli unhappy with a Fan. Calls ‘absolute invasion of privacy’

Virat Kohli shared a disturbing video of a fan entering and filming his Hotel room on his Instagram account. The video took everyone by surprise and shock. People expressed their displease with the unprofessionalism of the Hotel.

Virat Kohli sounded angry and disappointed with the incident. He wrote “This is really very unprofessional whom so ever did it, im assuming it must be the hotel staff only , else if its some other fans its a total disaster from the hotel management… WHERE IS THE SECURITY AND PRIVACY OF THE GUEST… this is very alarming @crownperth”

virat kohli hotel room

The video shows a man taking a tour and filming the hotel room of Indian cricket superstar Virat Kohli in his absence. Multiple people (possibly hotel staff) can be seen in the video.

Kohli fans are furious about the incident and have questioned the privacy and safety of the players on the international tour.

Meanwhile, Hotel Crownperth has apologised to Virat Kohli for the breach of privacy and has reportedly fired the employee responsible for the incident.

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