Remove China Apps taken down from playstore

remove china app

Remove China App that helped users to identify and remove apps of Chinese origin has been taken down from Google Play store. The app is developed by Jaipur based OneTouchAppLabs who took it to twitter to announce that the app has been removed from the play store.

Amidst the turmoil in India–china relations at the border, strong anti-China sentiments have been developed among Indians. People in India are motivating each other to boycott Chinese software and products. The “Remove China Apps” is the best and simplest way to find and delete the apps developed in China. The App was trending at the number one position on Playstore. Earlier Plastore also suspended mitron app which is a substitute for TikTok.

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remove china app

What is Remove China App:

Remove china apps is developed by OneTouch AppLabs a Jaipur based company.

Remove China Apps application lets users delete all applications on their phones that are developed in China. It scans the user’s device and lists the apps with China as their origin. The app also lets users decide which Chinese app they want to keep or remove.

Over one million people in India installed the application on their phone with the aim to delete Chinese apps present on their smartphone. In fact, until Tuesday morning it was the top-free app on Play Store.

Why is Remove China App removed from Playstore:

Remove china app was the top trending free app on Playstore before it was brought down from Playstore and had rating of 4.9 on Playstore. As per google  “Remove China Apps” application violated Google Play “Deceptive behavior policy”. The policy highlights various things that apps listed on Google Play can’t do but one specific point is relevant in the case of “Remove China Apps” story. Google says it doesn’t allow “apps that mislead users into removing or disabling third-party apps or modifying device settings or features.”

People reaction:

OneTouch AppLabs tweeted about the suspension of the app and expressed their gratitude towards the citizens with “You Are Awesome”.

After it was brought down many people came down in support of the app on twitter. Many verified handles too spoke against the decision of Google to remove the App from the play store.