Playstore rating of TikTok down to 2 stars from 4.5 stars within 4 days

TikTok app is recently witnessing the worst outrage by the vigilant social media users after several videos on the platform were found promoting cruelty and unlawful activities. The App first came under the scanner when a video of Fizal Siddiqui gather severe criticism for glorifying violence against women.

Tiktok down
Tiktok down

The said video was later removed from the Tiktok platform after the National Commission for Women asked to do so. Later the account of Faizal Siddiqui was too suspended by TikTok on receiving the complaint from NCW.

TikTok suspended account of Faizal Siddhiqui after this controversial video

However, the controversy did not end here. Netizens then dug a lot of videos from TikTok Showcasing violence against women and elderly people, animal cruelty, pornography, and many other illegal activities.

Internet users found some of these videos extremely disturbing and as a social evil. Twitter was stormed by the wave against TikTok app as thousands raised their concern and demanded the government ban the app in India. A campaign was launched on Twitter to lower the Playstore ratings of the app and for a complete ban in India. #tiktokdown, #tiktokexposed, and #BanTikTokApp was trending on top positions in India.

Interestingly the Play-store ratings of TikTok App slipped from 4.5 Stars on 16 May 2020 to 2.0 star on 19 May 2020. After facing severe heat on social media TikTok has now issued an advisory/guidelines for the platform users in the face-saving act.

Though twitteratis are in no mood to let go of the app so easily. The problem with the TikTok platform is pretty serious as there is no strict community standard code put up in place. Such mere guidelines will not help much unless the App administration takes concrete steps to filter the videos and follow a strict code of conduct regarding the same.

Netizens had previously too outraged against the TikTok App, however nothing significant could happen at that time. Government is expected to act in a way to strengthen the IT ACT 2000 so that strict actions can be initiated in such matters. Also there is a need to fix intermediary liabilities for those failing to abide by the government guidelines.