Super Cyclone Amphan, the monster is here| The most powerful of the 21st century

Cyclone Amphan
Cyclone Amphan

Super Cyclone Amphan is very likely to hit the northern coast of Odisha, West Bengal, and Bangladesh on 20th May 2020. The cyclone was formed on the Bay of Bengal on 16th May 2020 and then intensified quicky to develop into an extremely severe cyclonic wind. The name Amphan, means “Sky” is given by Thailand as per the regional Tropical Cyclone naming procedure.

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Odisha and West Bengal region is among the most cyclonic prone geographical regions. Several super cyclones have hit the region in past too, the most recent being Cyclone Fani. Super Cyclone that had hit the Odisha coast in 1999 was the most devastating by far killing more than 10000 peoples. Although the earliest evidence can be tracked to 2nd century BCE inscription of an Odiya king Kharavela.

Tropical cyclones have usually more devastating effect as they are thermally induced and can suck a lot of moisture from the open sea surface. The easter coast of India is the hotspot of the tropical cyclones. Due to climate change, recent years have witnessed an increase in the frequency and strength of cyclones hitting the Odisha-WB-Bangladesh coastal best.

The Indian Meteorological Department has issued several warnings to the coastal regions.

The National Disaster Management Force (NDRF) has deployed 32 Battalions in the region. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also reviewed NDRF preparedness and evacuation plan. NDMA has too issued a video guideline.

1620 shelter camps have been set up and 106476 people have been evacuated so far in Odisha in view of Cyclone Amphan- ANI

Some chilling clips of the deadly cyclone Amphan are already being reported.