Chandrayan 2: There may be setbacks but we have not lost hope- PM Modi

ISRO lost the communication with chandrayan 2 lander “Vikram” seconds before the scheduled landing. But its not all over yet. The orbiter is still operational and is sending valuable information to the Earth. The main objectives of the mission is the studies of lunar topography, mineralogy, elemental abundance, the lunar exosphere, and signatures of hydroxyl and water ice. The mission is 95% successful.

Chandrayan 2 launching (image by ISRO)

Chandrayan 2 is a Indian Lunar mission launched on 22nd july 2019 by GSLV mk lll. It took 10 years of scientific research and development and hard work of ISRO and associated institutions for the chandrayan 2 to the off. The mission include a chandrayan orbiter, a lander- “Vikram” and a lunar rover- “Pragyan”. The mission is 100% designed and developed in India. The lunar orbiter was successfully inserted in the lunar orbit on 20th August. The lander “Vikram” was supposed to land on moon 7th September at 1:55 am IST. The lander was planned to land on the most difficult and never explored area of the moon I.e on the south polar region.

(image by ISRO)

Vikram was 2.1km away from the moons surface at the time of connection lost. India missed the chance of historic soft landing on the moon merely by 73 secs. Nevertheless reaching so close to the moon in the first attempt is also a great success and a proud moment for the country.

(Image by ISRO)

Honorable PM shri Narendra Mobile was present at the ISRO headquarters in Bengluru to witness the soft landing on the moon. The scientists were seen cheering and celebrating the successful completion of various stages of the landing process until the silence conquered the floor. The landing was 73 seconds away from the scheduled time when ISRO suddenly stopped receiving data from the lander. The atmosphere in the ISRO room took 360° turn and happy faces turned tense.

ISRO chief Dr K Sivan briefed the PM about the new updates of the mission. Later Dr K Sivan informed that the connection with the lander has been lost and ISRO is analysing the data.

The moment was heartbreaking for everyone. Scientists were seen emotional after the event. PM Modi applauded the efforts of the scientists and assured them that the country is standing strong with the ISRO. “There are ups and downs in life. This is not a small achievement. The nation in proud of you. Hope for the best. I congratulate you.”- PM said.

PM Modi hugged the heartbroken ISRO chief Dr K Sivan to express his support and to comfort him. PM Modi in his public address spoke about the courage, bravery and the intelligence of the ISRO scientists.

(image by rediff news)

There are no failures in science, only experiments and efforts. You are among those who live and work hard to take India to new heights. You contribute to the building of the nation. You spend your entire life to make Mother India proud. I can understand your state of mind. India is with you. We came very close but we will need to cover more ground. The best is yet to come. ISRO is recognized by the world as one of the greatest space agencies. No matter where I travel, the name that ISRO has created for itself is something that makes the nation proud of you all. There may be setbacks but we have not lost hope. We have strengthened our resolve.”- PM Modi said while addressing the scientists and the nation.

PM Modi also said that he has come to meet the scientists to get inspired by them. He also expressed his hope and confidence that one day India will definitely be successful in its moon mission.

Chandrayan 2 is important for various reasons. It is fully developed in India. It was planned to land on the most risky region of the moon. Chandrayan 2 carries 13 payloads and one passive experiment from American space agency NASA.

Chandrayan 2 is a motional matter not only for the scientists but also for the entire country. It has brought the 130cr people in one voice and that voice is strongly backing ISRO. ISRO might have missed it with a really close margin this time but the extremely capable scientists will surely make it happen in the coming years.