Parenting a Dog – Complete Dog Care Guide

Tips for taking care of your Dog

How to be a responsible Dog owner

raising a dog

Raising a dog is like raising a child, maybe sometimes even more challenging than the letter. Understanding their unspoken words and sensing the soft signals associated with their health is an art. Make sure that you have the complete knowledge of the breed before buying one. Adopting a homeless dog is always more satisfying. There are thousands of dogs and puppies waiting for adoption and are in search of a home. You pat a street dog once and he will be yours forever.

If you are getting home a puppy then be patient to give him enough time with his mother before getting him home. The longer that the puppy is on his mother’s milk, the batter for his physical and mental health. At about two months or 8 weeks of age, he will become mature enough to be moved to his new home.

Veternary Checkup

The first thing to do after getting your pet home is to take him to a vet for a checkup. Young puppies are prone to viral infections and often need medical attention. Deworming and vaccination are other utmost important things to do. You may have to take him to the clinic multiple times as suggested by the vet.

Feeding a Dog

We all know that dogs love food, and they can eat a bucket full treats in one go. They often ask for food even when they don’t actually need it. And being a loving dog parent we often fall prey to those innocent eyes. Well! that not the way it should be. Overfeeding or Underfeeding your dog can lead to serious health issues. The diet of the puppy varies depending upon the breed. Make the diet plan after concerning to the vet and then stick to it. The wrong food can cause digestive problems in young puppies. Also, make sure that your dog has constant access to fresh drinking water.


Training the puppy is another important thing. Don’t yell at them, instead teach them in a firm and steady voice. Shouting will only cause fear and stress. A dog would want to play, exercise and interact with the environment. Taking your dog out for an evening walk or sometime even on the beach will be a great idea, although, ensure the safety of both the parties. Walking on the road in extreme summer can be very risky. We use shoes but animals don’t! The heat can burn their paws.

Let him play outdoor with toys or with your kids or even you can actively participate in the scene. This will not only release the stress of both the parties but will also help your puppy build trust in you. Lack of playing and exercise can make your dog depressed, frustrated and aggressive. Chaining the dog is another disgraceful thing we do without knowing its consequences. Keeping the dog chained for long can make him feel miserable and emotionally devastated. Pets and Animals and not meant to be chained or caged. Let them roam freely and love them.

However, loving them doesn’t mean that you have to spoil them. If your dog misbehaves then correct him. Show him a strong sign that you are not happy with his decision. Although hitting him will not do anything good instead withdrawing your attention could be a great step to tell your pet that you are not very pleased with his behavior. Interacting with the dog will encourage him more for the wrong acts. If you have small kids, then you need to also prepare them to accept the new member of the family. Educate them about their limits with the pet.



Dog grooming is equally crucial. Keep your dog clean and tidy. Clean the paws after having an outdoor walk and get him bath frequently. Make him familiar with bathing right from an early age. Never ever use human shampoo or soap for dogs, it can lead to skin infections. There are pet soap and shampoos available in the market, pick one after having a word with your vet. Pay attention to the toenails, and trim them regularly, also get your dog a haircut as and when needed.


Stay Prepared for Emergencies

A dog experiencing the adulthood stage will be more active and curious about his surrounding. Ensure that you don’t keep any dangerous items within his reach. Also, keep your wallet and other documents away from their reach. You never know, they can eat them up anytime and then make that childish face leaving you in a helpless situation.

A dog may need medical assistance anytime for several reasons. Keep yourself prepared for any medical emergency. Your veterinary doctor should always find a place in your phones contact book.

Owning a pet is always so much fun. Love your pets and they will love you a ton.

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