Ethics Policy

Ethics Policy

Below is a statement of the ethics and coverage policies of TechNofins. It is more than most of you want to know, but, in the age of suspicion of the media, we are laying it all out for you.

This code is designed to provide all TechNofins employees with guidelines for appropriate professional conduct. It supersedes previous conduct guidelines but also incorporates other long-standing TechNofins policies. It is intended not as a statement of new beliefs or a codification of new rules of conduct, but as a reaffirmation of enduring values and practices.

Our Vision

TechNofins is an independent, American news organization that strives to help our audience connect the dots in an increasingly complex informational landscape by providing unbiased, well-researched and thought-provoking content on multiple platforms. Our fact-based approach provides you a 360˚ view of the Cinema, Movies, Televisions and social events that are shaping our neighborhoods, our communities and our country, providing you with the tools you need today to create a better tomorrow.

Our mission is to provide readers with impartial, informative reporting, and maintain an outlet for civic engagement and discourse on public policy, politics, government and other matters of statewide concern across the india. This vision and mission drive the values and guidelines set out in this code of ethics, which borrows generously from the policies set by other fine news organizations and compiled by the News Leaders Association in their ethics directory. Exceptional circumstances may require exceptions to these rules but as our industry and the technology surrounding it evolve, we will continue to revise this code.

Ethics Overview

The central premise of this code is TechNofins reputation for quality products and services, for business integrity, and for the independence and integrity of our publication, services and products is the heart and soul of our operations.

It is an essential prerequisite for success in the news business that the public believes us to be telling them the truth. Our readers must be able to assume:

      • Our facts are accurate and fairly presented;
      • Our analyses represent our best independent judgments rather than our preferences, or those of our sources, advertisers, marketers, public affairs and relations professionals, or any information provider;
      • Our opinions represent our own editorial philosophies as well as presenting views that readers may not find elsewhere; and
      • There are no hidden agendas in any of our journalistic undertakings.:
      • Do nothing we cannot defend.
      • Do not distort, lie, slant, or hype.
      • Do not falsify facts or make up quotes.
      • Cover, write, and present every story with the care we would want if the story were about us.
      • Assume there is at least one other side or version to every story.
      • Assume the viewer is as smart and caring and as good a person as we believe ourselves to be.
      • Assume the same about all people on whom we report.
      • Assume everyone is innocent until proven guilty.
      • Assume personal lives are a private matter until a legitimate turn in the story mandates otherwise.
      • Carefully separate opinion and analysis from straight news stories and clearly label them as such.
      • Do not use anonymous sources or blind quotes except on rare and monumental occasions. No one should ever be allowed to attack another anonymously.
      • Do not broadcast profanity or the end result of violence unless it is an integral and necessary part of the story and/or crucial to understanding the story.
      • Acknowledge that objectivity may be impossible but fairness never is.
      • Journalists who are reckless with facts and reputations will be disciplined by TechNofins  as their employer.
      • Our readers have a right to know what principles guide our work and the processes we use.
      • We are not in the entertainment business.

      The clear implication of these beliefs is that the responsibility of safeguarding and growing a company that lives up to this code lies with each and every one of us. Every TechNofins employee holds a position of trust. Acceptance of a position at any level or in any part of TechNofins  includes acceptance of individual responsibility to uphold TechNofins policies governing legal and ethical business practices, as well as the responsibility to stress proper ethical behavior among colleagues and subordinates.

      It must be clear to each of us that integrity is necessary in every decision – that it is not just the purview of our journalists, or members of our legal team, but it requires that we make EVERY decision, and approach all questions objectively and realistically, and with the long-term considerations of the best interests of our readers.

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