The greatest collection of treasures explored and discovered in every corner of the world….

We have forever been intrigued by expeditions and the finding of stowed away gems as people. We have forever been charmed to uncovering soмeting vluabe, from legends of privateers and secret gems to genuine experiences.

Ginho da Seva takes us on an excursion all over the planet to find the best fortunes at any point found on every landmass in this film.Starting in North America, Gino enlightens us regarding the revelation of the world’s biggest gold chunk, known as the “Welcome Outsider.

This enormous Piece was found in Victoria, Australia, and gauged a stunning 2316 Toy onces, making it the lrgest great ngget at any point found.Continuing on toward South America,

Gnho talks about the renowned Inca treasure, which was supposed to be covered somewhere down in the Peruvian mountains.Numerous pilgrims have endeavored to find this fortune, yet it stays unseen right up to the present day.

Ginho enlightens us regarding The Golden Room, a lovely chamber developed totally of golden and gold TAT that was initially situated in the Catherine Castle of tsasкoye Selo nea St. Petesbug, Russia. The room was stolen from by the Germans during WWII, and its ongoing area is indistinct.

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