Let’s learn science! What would happen if the earth stopped rotating? Amazing information…

Let’s see what would happen if the Earth stopped rotating. All the objects around us on earth can be thrown eastward at a speed of 1000 kilometers per hour. Moreover, the wind in the flower’s environment can blow to such an extent that it almost produces an effect similar to that of a nuclear bomb.

This can cause tsunamis, known as tsunamis,to hit land at speeds of up to 17 miles per minute. A current year of 364 days would be a day for us as the Earth’s rotation would stop.

As a result, there will be extreme heat throughout the day, for a period of six months, and extreme cold conditions at night,for the next six months.Once a year the sun rises in the west and sets in the east. And because of a force called centrifugal force,

the Earth is constantly bulging at the equator. Then the area is said to become flat again.It is said that the oceans will move towards the polar regions where the Earth’s gravity is stronger and the landmasses will merge into one continent at the equator.In order to surpass all these,

the magnetic force of the earth will slip little by little and at some point it will disappear. As a result, cosmic rays may hit the Earth in large quantities, making it impossible for life to exist on Earth,and the Earth will be completely destroyed. So it is a fact that the Earth rotates around itself 24 hours a day to do its job to help ensure the environment for life.

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