The most deadly weapons hidden in India for hundreds of years!! Do you know what?

The Khukuri, weighted and cut in shape, is used as a Khukuri cutting weapon because the Khukuri is curved and creates a “wedge” effect, but the Khukuri cuts deeper than a knife.

The urumi is a dangerous weapon used at wind speed, mainly due to the very low power required to handle the urumi, which is enough to injure the core through the blade. At that time, all urumi was used very prominently.

The dandapatta is generally associated with the shield used by the kings of the period, although the dandapatta can be used for all edged weapons. Suitable for the wrist in the hand for handling the dandapatta.

The Katar is a stabbing weapon from the subcontinent of India, the Katar weapon is made with an “H” shaped structure, the Katar sits above the knees of the wielder.

The Bag Nak weapon was seen as a statement from its early invention. But the kings poisoned the Pak tongue and used it for slaughter.

From the time the talwar was made, kings used it for cavalry and warfare, but the hilt on the talwar weapon was forbidden by the kings, and the wrists of the talwar wearer were severely strained and bruised.

The Kirban weapon is a secret knife which is seen as a bow, this Kirban weapon is mandatory in the clothes worn by Khalsa Sikhs, which is one of the Sikh rules.


KALI – anti-missile

BrahMos missile

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