The Captivating Magnificence of the Indochinese Green Jaybird… A Gem in the Crow Family

The Indochinese green jaybird, sometimes known as the yellow breasted jaybird, is an enormous passerine bird that belongs to the Corvidae family of crows.

This bird is tracked down in central area Southeast Asia Indochina and adjoining districts of China. What separates this species from others in its family is its dynamic yellow undersides.

The Indochinese green magpie has striking green colouring on its shoulders, back, head, and tail to go with its rust-colored wings. This bird can be recognised by the broad black band that wraps around its head from the tip of its bill. The magpie has a bright red beak, legs, and eye rings. Its eyes are a rich, dark brown.

It’s interesting to note that the magpie’s green and yellow plumage is produced by a combination of structural colouring and the lutein pigment. The feathers of the bird will turn structural blue if its food is lacking in lutein, which is not produced by the body.

In conclusion, the Indochinese green magpie is a wonderful and distinctive bird species that is guaranteed to catch anyone’s eye with its beautiful features and enthralling biological characteristics.

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