A man descends the 600-year-old steps of an 8,835-foot mountain in opposition…

The terrible ascent made by this brave climber of the 600-year-old “stain of death” on a Peruvian mountain was captured on film.video from San Diego, California A series of stone pillars that stick out from a nearly vertical cliff with a breathtaking drop below that are being clambered by Brian Degenhardt is likely to give onlookers the willies.From the peak of Huana Pcchu, also known as Wana Pcchu, one may get spectacular views of Machu Picchu and the surrounding mountains.

In this terrifying video, Brannon Degenhardt, a US citizen from San Diego, can be seen making his way up the stone steps that stick out from the almost vertical slope above Machu Picchu.The mountain is very steep, and there is little cover on the path to the peak. The already dangerous conditions are made worse by the added sluggishness when it rains.

Degenhardt can be heard taking deep breathes and occasionally letting out a tiny scream of panic as he carefully and slowly makes his way up.The Incas built terraces and temples atop Huana Pcchu as well as a path up its face.The mountain is dangerously steep, though, and the path to the pinnacle is exposed and hazardous. The journey is noticeably riskier when it rains since the ground is significantly sloppier.

As Degenhardt cautiously makes his way to safety, he inhales deeply and lets out a small shriek of fright.Although he is now alarmingly far up, it is audible that he is beginning to relax as he approaches the top of the stairs.Although he is now terrifyingly high up, it is audible that he is feeling relieved as he approaches the top of the stairs.

Once he is back on solid ground, he leaps off to capture the breathtaking view of Machu Picchu while bringing his camera ever-closer to the historic ruins of the UNESCO World Heritage Site from the 15th century.He uploaded a video of himself climbing the 600-year-old steps atop Wana Pcchu, a mountain in Peru that provides a panoramic view of Machu Picchu.

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