An artistic painting of a moving portrait of a Palestinian on cactus pads…

The fruit-bearing cactus known as the “sabra” carries special significance in both Israel and Palestine, where it grows wild throughout The region is resilient to all weather conditions; it is cold on the outside but warm and pleasant on the inside. On both sides of the Israel-Palestine conflict, people viewed the proposal as a symbol of their people’s fortitude and resolve.

On the faculty of An Majh University in the Palestinian city of Nablus, artist Amad Yaseen decided to use the spiny cactus ad canvases for his political paintings a year ago. His resourcefulness speaks to the local character he aims to convey in these portraits in a setting where art supplies and higher education are sparse.

In a white and green background, with meticulous attention to every bump and living surface, Yaseen paints the following portraits: A row of nursing infants, with the mother’s bent arm resembling a kehole; an elderly woman in a keffah, her eyes closed and her forehead furrowed,

holding a skeleton key. This recurring motif, according to the speaker, represents everyone and is frequently associated with the right of return, which is a political principle that all Palestinian refugees should have the opportunity to go back to their pre-Nakba homes.

He painted a hand holding a stone that was embedded into the cactus pad in another work. It is the caustic phrase that refers to violence the most. He disregards knives, the most commonly used weapon. The current nuclear weapons, or oTe weapons.

He intends to preach peace to his flock. He said to the AI monitor, “I do not paint martyrs, nor do I paint situations occurring in the current conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. In an interview with Al-Montor, Yaseen stated, “I create aspects that offer also a glimmer of hope and not just despair. Fear still exists today among my people, the Palestinians, as much as among Israelis. However, an artist must have a broad perspective, and that is what I do.

When he photographs these pieces, the surrounding landscape provides a beautiful backdrop. In one image, Elon Moreh, the epicentre of Israel’s settlement expansion into the Palestinian Territories, is seen silhouetted against the sky.

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Source: Natural Wonders

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