Find Out What a Kaleidoscopic Cabbage Garden’s Enchanting Wonders Are…

Enter the mesmerising world of a multicoloured cabbage garden to enter a world of enchantment and wonder. You are met with a mesmerising diversity of forms and colours that adorn each cabbage like a work of art as you witness nature’s ingenuity in action.

You are invited to immerse yourself in the garden’s vivid colours and fascinating patterns as it transforms into a living painting. As you continue exploring, you get to appreciate the kaleidoscope of natural beauty, with each cabbage offering a unique and enthralling display.

The experience is made truly magical by the soft rustling of the leaves and the lovely aroma of the air. Everyone is invited to set out on a journey of exploration and appreciation for the limitless treasures that nature has to offer by entering this colourful wonderland.

My giants have taken a page out of my report on the Giant’s Causeway and haven’t exactly lived up to my expectations this year, and my onions (which I will photograph and measure soon) won’t win any prizes either.

My ‘Champion Giant’ cabbages, though, which I grew from Robinson’s Mammoth seeds*, have really done rather well. With a canna in the middle for scale, I planted 16 flowers, four in each of the four 2 m square beds. In essence, each plant had a square metre to cover. Now that some plants have grown but not yet produced heads, I will attribute this to a combination of dry weather and possibly clubroot in the soil (I do have it in some spots, and I will know when it does).

I have some ‘Kilaton’ cabbages, which are said to be clubroot resistant, planted in one area. Additionally, I have the red summer ‘Kalibos’ planted here, and strangely enough, despite some of the plants not developing well and maybe having clubroot, they are currently outperforming the ‘Killaton’.

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