Admire the greatest huge eagle sculpture in existence…

When asked to name a few countries that should be included in a traveler’s lifetime itinerary, a large percentage of people would “dotedly” name India as a place that holds a special allure because of its captivating diversity, rich cultural diversity, and revered temples. India has earned its spot on many people’s bucket lists. There are now many reasons to visit this magical place,

one of which is the magnificent eagle monument created by acclaimed filmmaker Rajiv Anchal, reviving an age-old tradition.Rajiv Anchal, an Indian artist, has unveiled his “qe admak” to the public after ten years of toil.Jatayu eаt Centre, which is close to Kerala, is now regarded as one of the top destinations in India.The artwork is a tribute to the Ramayana, a Hindu epic.

The Sanskrit-written “Ramayana” tells the story of an eagle from the epoch that made the decision to protect the Hindu goddess Sita during a battle with Ravana. For years, the residents of Chadayamangalam hamlet in Kerala’s Kollam district have kept this story to themselves. It has now been exquisitely retold.The largest bird sculpture in the world at the moment is this one.

If you ever go there, you’ll see that there are a lot of other exciting things to do for tourists, such rock climbing, rappelling, paintball, and rifle ooti, in addition to the sculpture itself. A museum and an Ayurvedic retreat are also close by.The artwork itself is 200 feet from tail to beak and was constructed on top of the 1,000-foot-tall Jatayupara towers,

so when we claim it is the largest bird sculpture in the world, we truly mean it.Filmmaker Rajiv Anchal, who created the artwork, claims to have had the concept for it for more than ten years.”Back in the 1980s, while I was a student at a fine arts college, I gave the Department of Tourism a model for this sculpture. Even if they were moulded, it wasn’t formed then.

Image credits: Kerala Tourism

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