The world’s largest cave is larger than we first believed.

In August 2013, the Son Doong Expedition tour got underway in Quang Binh, Vietnam. People who enjoy taking adventure tours from all around the world have grown highly interested in it. Since then, excursions in Vietnam that explore caves have become highlights. The Son Doong Expedition was chosen the greatest adventure tour in 2014 by UK National Geographic, beating several other expedition and adventure tours.

Son Doong Cave Tour was ranked fifth among the top 20 adventure travel destinations in 2019 by the British TV network Dave Television. The Son Doong Cave Expedition won the award for having the world’s most stunning campsite in 2017 from the British Daily Mail.Son Doong Expedition is a cave trekking excursion into the subterranean world to find and explore the largest cave in Vietnam.

Visitors may experience the grandeur of cave formations including enormous stalactites, stalagmites, cave pearls, underground rivers, dolines, and a forest growing right inside the cave. Additionally, visitors will have the chance to marvel at the enormous sunbeams shining through the tunnel, come across strange species, and scale the 90-meter section of the Great Wall of Vietnam.

The British-Vietnamese Cave Expedition Team discovered Son Doong Cave in 1990, and it was surveyed there in 2009 and 2010. The expedition team declared Son Doong Cave to be the largest natural limestone cave in the world in 2009, and the National Geographic Magazine confirmed this in 2011. Son Doong has once again been confirmed by National Geographic TV as the world’s largest cave by volume (38.5 million cubic metres).

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