Homes in the Shape of Whimsical Fruit… Exposing the Magical Residences of Imagination…

There are no limitations to one’s magnificence in the world of architecture. As proof of this, a distinctive lifestyle has developed, with dwellings arranged like various fruits.

These bizarre homes are not only functional but also artistic expressions that blend in with their surroundings.Imagine strolling through a neighbourhood where the houses are built to resemble ripe apples, juicy oranges, or delicious strawberries.

These fruit-shaped homes provide a magical and whimsical touch to the conventional world of housing. Each residence stands as a testament to the strength and ability of its builders.

Anders Berensson Architects’ of Sweden built a distinctive fruit-shaped treehouse atop a defunct apple tree. The treehouse, appropriately dubbed “Apple Headquarter,” is shaped like an apple, as one might expect.

The plywood-built home resembles something from Disney World or a fantasy like “Alice in Wonderland.” The frame of the Apple Headquarters is the main structural component, making it almost transparent.

Along with windows, the treehouse is furnished with a bench and a bookcase. Even a periscope, resembling those used in submarines, is concealed inside the apple’s rotating stem.

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