Female riflebirds construct their nests and lay their eggs there after locating mates. The females then take care of the chicks’ feeding and incubation needs until they are completely grown…

Medium-sized passerine bird Ramphocelus carbo is the Silver-beaked Tanager. This tanager breeds regularly throughout South America, from Trinidad to middle Brazil and Paraguay in the south and eastern Colombia and Venezuela in the north.

Silver-beaked Tanagers have a length of 18 cm (7 in) and a weight of 25 g (0.88 oz). Adult males have a vivid red breast and throat, and have a velvety crimson black colour. The bill’s lower mandible is larger and seems to be dazzling silver in contrast to the upper mandible’s colour of black.

In display, the bill is pointing upward. With brownish upperparts, reddish brown underparts, and a black bill, the female is much duller.The degree of contrast between the upperparts and the throat and breast varies significantly between the different subspecies,

accounting for much of the variance in plumage.It can be found in agricultural regions and light woodlands. The large cup nest is typically constructed in a shrub, and the typical clutch consists of two green-blue eggs with black-brown blotches.

Before the eggs hatch, the female incubates them for 11–12 days. After an additional 11–12 days, the chicks hatch.Diet: Live insects, fresh fruit, Paradise Earth Premium Softbill Blend, and Insect Blend.

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