A Small Yet Majestic Bird That Proudly Dons Their Royal Crown…

It’s a shame that they only use their crests on exceptional occasions because they are so magnificent, colourful, and stunning.The Tityridae family of passerine birds includes the genus Onychorhynchus.

The length of these birds ranges from 16.5 to 18 cm (6.5-7). The male has a red head, brown upperparts, and tiny buffy patches on his wing coverts. It has a drab yellowish-brown colour on the rump and tail.

Rarely, usually only during the breeding season or when the birds are handled, are the crests actually visible.The female and the male are quite similar, with the exception that the female’s crown is yellow-orange rather than red.

The Amazon Basin, which is located on Ecuador’s Pacific and Caribbean coasts, is home to the birds.Royal flycatchers prefer to reside in lower- to mid-level growth forest and woodland environments where they can chase flutters that are actively pursuing insects.

Depending on the nation these birds reside in, different seasons apply. For instance, a very unkempt nest made of dead vegetation is constructed in Costa Rica from March to June and in Guatemala from April to July. This nest is frequently seen in streambeds and hangs from the end of a limb.Regrettably, the biggest threat to all Royal Flycatcher populations is deforestation.

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