A bird chases a little snake and tries to eat it…

A starling was being wrestled by a little snake that was seen in Kruger National Park. The snake made every attempt to subdue the bird, but it was ultimately unsuccessful and succumbed to the bird’s beak. Hanno, a 43-year-old consultant who had already seen multiple lion and leopard sightings during his stay to the park, reported this unusual sighting.

The intriguing group of birds known as starlings can be found all over the world. These birds, which number over 100 species and are typically tiny to medium-sized with distinctive black and iridescent blue or purple plumage, are renowned for their capacity to mimic sounds.

Due to their sociable nature, they frequently gather in sizable groups.Starlings are unusual in that they eat a variety of different things and have an omnivorous diet. Insects, fruits, nuts, and even tiny mammals like mice are all part of their diverse diet.

They have an unusual method of feeding where they use their beaks to dig out insects from the ground.Planning a safari requires careful consideration of your surroundings. Big cats like lions and leopards are exciting to see, but if you take the time to look, you can find many other fascinating animals to study.

You might see a kingfisher combing for fish, a chameleon pursuing a bug, or even the tiniest chicks of the park’s smallest birds. So instead of concentrating only on the large predators, consider the entire ecology. You might be shocked by what you learn.

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