The Golden Dove soars with radiant grace and is a representation of peace and beauty…

The Golden Dove, commonly referred to as the Yellow Pigeon, is a rare species of bird with an unusually colourful look. Due to its outstanding beauty and tiny number, it is a subject that scholars and avian enthusiasts all over the world are very interested in. This article looks at the physical traits, natural habitat, and conservation status of the Yellow Pigeon.

The Yellow Pigeon is similar in size to other pigeons, with a length of about 30-35 cm. But because of its vibrant yellow plumage, which exudes a sense of vigour and uniqueness in its surroundings, this bird stands out. The ends of the Yellow Pigeon’s wings are embellished with tiny black specks, creating an eye-catching contrast. The bird’s legs and beak are also yellow, emphasising how uniformly coloured it is.

The Yellow Pigeon is a common bird in Southeast Asia, particularly in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. It typically lives in tropical meadows and woods, where food sources including seeds, fruits, and tiny plants are abundant.

Due to habitat loss and unreported poaching, the Yellow Pigeon population is rapidly falling. Due to its vulnerable situation, this species has been categorised as “Endangered” by IUCN. A number of conservation initiatives have been started to safeguard the Yellow Pigeon’s existence. These include preserving their native habitats and breeding them in captivity. These steps should aid the Yellow Pigeon in overcoming its difficulties.

The Yellow Pigeon is a special species of bird that sets itself apart from others with its distinctive traits and beautiful yellow feathers. To secure the survival of this endangered species, conservation activities must begin immediately. In order to conserve the beauty and diversity of our environment and ensure that future generations will be able to recognise its importance, it is important to raise awareness of the Yellow Pigeon’s habitat and take practical steps to protect it.

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