Discover the lovely world of “KNYSNA TURACO”, a South African bird with distinctive colours…

A bird that will take your breath away is hidden away in the dense woodlands of South Africa’s Garden Route. The Knysna Turaco is a true symbol of the area with its vivid blue and green plumage and distinctive call. This bird is more than simply a lovely sight to behold, though. The Knysna Turaco is an absolute wonder of the bird world, from its exquisite nesting practises to its interesting octahedron shape.

Make sure not to miss the opportunity to see this bird in its natural habitat if you’re planning a vacation to South Africa.The Knysna Turaco, also known as the Knysna Lourie or Tauraco corythaix, is a medium-sized bird that is between 40 and 45 cm in length and has a striking look. You will find it difficult to argue that any image of this majestic bird is not among the most beautiful things you have ever seen. This stunning bird has earned a spot on our list of the Top 10 South African Birds for Foreign Birders.

The brilliant green feathers that cover the majority of the bird’s body, along with a noticeable crest on top of its head and clearly defined factial feathers, serve as its most defining characteristic. The bird is also prominently marked on its wings and tail, with iridescent blue and purple feathers that glitter in the sunlight and bright red feathers under the tail to help locate it as it soars across the branches in the top of the forest canopy. Another striking characteristic of the bird is its huge, vivid red bill.

The Knysna Turaco is renowned for its intriguing behaviours in addition to its stunning beauty. Its loud call is one of the bird’s most distinctive behaviours. The bird’s call is frequently described as a raucous, irritating noise that is also lovely. The bird frequently bobbles its head and extends its crest feathers while calling, which is a wonderfully stunning sight.

The Knysna Turaco is an excellent climber and is frequently spotted scaling trees in quest of food. The majority of the bird’s diet is fruit, which it gathers off trees with the help of its big beak. It’s interesting to note that the bird can eat a larger variety of meals than other bird species since its digestive system has evolved to manage toxic substances found in some fruits.

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