A fleeting natural occurrence shrouded in mystery, The Red River in China is depicted in this film…

The Red River was created by Mother Nature as a piece of art, not because it’s spooky or gory, but because of mineral deposits found in the many layers of clay that were created as a result of soil erosion. The river’s colour is specifically caused by the iron oxide that is present and flowing off of the mountains’ red section.

The’red river’ is only visible during the monsoon season since the ultimate result is a result of rainfall runoff. The water flow is still sluggish during the remainder of the year, and the hue of the ‘river’ is still sort of dirty brown.Dynamically cutting through the emerald-green slopes is the Red River of Palcoyo.

It appears as though one has arrived on another planet in the cosmos since the cherry or brick red river has such an unearthly appearance.Three hours southeast of Cusco is where you’ll find the Red River. It originates in Palcoyo Rainbow Mountain’s valley.

This mountain valley and the well-known Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain are both a part of the Cordillera Vilcanota mountain range, which is a piece of the magnificent Andes mountain range that resembles the spine of South America.In order to observe the Red River,

travellers should ideally stop their route to the neighbouring Palcoyo Rainbow Mountain. Most visitors to this area of the countryside come from Cusco on day trips, but if they want to explore further, they can see the Waqrapukara Ruins, the Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain, and the Q’eswachaka Inca Rope Bridge.

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