Admire the stunning array of jewellery made of gold and silver that was just discovered…

Archaeologists who have investigated locations throughout the world where these brilliant artefacts have been found believe that humans have admired magnificent gold things for at least 8,000 years.It is extremely uncommon to find any metal—much less priceless gold—in archaeological sites since metal products were regularly melted down and repurposed when they were no longer needed.

This makes the finding of substantial gold collections from antiquity all the more amazing.Who were the individuals who created the legend of “El Dorado” and their fabled gold-filled lost city? It was the Muisca, a sophisticated civilisation that thrived in the Colombian Andes’ Eastern Cordillera between 600 and 1600 years ago. But “el dorado” was not a city rather,

it was a king who dressed himself with gold and went by the name “el dorado” a phrase subsequently invented by the Spanish and meaning “the golden one”. The Spanish started their invasion of Colombia in 1636, led by Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada, and in their effort to take advantage of its wealth, they created this tale.The Chibcha-speaking Muisca were the most civilised group and ruled a vast region that extended from Bogotá to Tunja.

Their confederation of states was made up of many tribes that were each controlled by a different monarch. Inheritances were passed down from the maternal line, which may account for the significant number of female figures found among the Muisca, despite the fact that leaders were predominantly male. The Muisca developed extremely advanced metallurgical skills,

complex casting processes, and specialised metal alloys by exchanging salt for gold through an organised trading network.The vast collection of gold and silver jewellery that has just come to light really astounds me. This extraordinary collection’s pieces each gleam with an unmatched brilliance that catches the viewer’s eye.

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