Ancient Treasure Mountain… A Thousands-Year-Old Gold Mine Found in a Surprising Find…

Beautiful “Treasure Mountain” Reveals Prehistoric Wealth of Platinum, Gold, and Prized Ores, Forged by Billions of Years of Geological Transformation.The Majestic Kondyor Massif is said to have a wealth of precious metals, with an annual platinum yield of about 4 tonnes, according to Siberiantimes. This geological marvel, which is located in the remote Khabarovsk region of Russia, 600 kilometres west of the Okhotsk Sea and 570 kilometres south of Yakutsk, dwarfs the Arizona meteorite by about seven times.

The Kondyor Massif looks similar to either a volcano or a meteorite impact from an overhead perspective. However, experts claim that the massif’s shape is not due to volcanic lava that seeped through the bedrock and solidified over a billion years ago, but rather to a complex assemblage of geological processes that resulted in a faultless round structure.

There is extensive long-term ground erosion. Harder to say The soil that surrounds the Kondyor Massif is made up of the remains of a partially eroded dome and the top surface of a rock column that gradually descends into the earth’s crust. A stream emanates from the massif’s centre and is refilled with water by melting snow near the rim. Numerous smaller streams emerge from the ground, providing water. to the north face of the Kondyor Ripper.

These areas have quantities of limestone in the form of crystals, beads, and ngots, as well as good amounts of several valuable minerals. While many crystals have rounded edges, other crystals are perfectly round. Kondyor Massif has some of the most exceptional and high-quality gold-plated precious stones in the world. A total of 4 tonnes of pltnum are mined yearly in Hee. terefoe, Kondyo Massf is often referred to as “tree mountin.”

Accordingly, there are deposits of platinum in the form of crystals, ingots, and grains in little streams that are emanating from the rim, in addition to many other valuable metals like gold and precious stones. They are regarded as the “best ever discovered” in the entire globe.In particular, this triple mountain also includes a unique mineral called Kondeite, which is a combination of copper, platinum, rhodium, lead, and sulphur and is found exclusively in this location.

SbernTmes claims that the Kondyor Massif’s plutonium mining operations started in 1984. The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show in the United States hosted the debut of platinum crystals from this massif in 1993. About 4 tonnes of platinum are typically mined each year.

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