How to lift caladiums for winter storage after all the time outside?…

In USDA Hardiness Zones 9 to 11, caladiums are vibrant, tropical foliage plants that can be grown as perennials.They are frequently produced as annuals in colder climates where the ground freezes.They can be dug out in the autumn, the corms kept over the winter, and then planted again in the spring.Additionally, people commonly dig up and store caladiums in warm, frost-free areas that see heavy winter rains in order to keep them from decaying in the ground.

The ideal soil temperature for caladiums is at least 70°F. Their colourful leaves emerge in the spring and grow throughout the summer. They begin to dwindle and wither in the autumn and go dormant into the winter.You might be able to leave your plants in the ground if you live in a warm area where the soil temperature is consistently over 60°F.

As was previously said, though, if your winters are particularly wet, inadequate soil drainage could result in them rotting in the ground before the following spring.You should remove your plants from the ground in the autumn when the leaf begins to fade and the soil temperature is approximately 60°F if you live in a region where the earth freezes, like my area of the Northeast.To determine the temperature of the ground, you can use a soil thermometer,

or you can rely on plant behaviour and weather predictions as your guidance.It’s time to dig when the daytime temperatures stop rising above the 70s, the nighttime lows are in the 50s, and the plants start to look pale and droop.Keep in mind that these plants are tropical. They can probably endure temps as low as the 40s, but one freeze will kill them.If you grow caladiums in pots rather than the ground,

you can bring the pots inside once the nighttime lows fall below 60°F, where they might fare well as houseplants.Once they stop growing and winter dormancy starts, you should stop watering them because they need a period of rest throughout the colder months. When springtime growth begins, you can start watering again.This tutorial has more information on growing caladiums inside.

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