A special look at how to plant and care for Coral Celosia…

It is a shrub that typically reaches heights of 40 to 70 cm. Because the plant’s blossoms resemble a chicken comb, it is known as the Crested Flower Tree. Although they are often green, some types of leaves can also be crimson or bronze. They can reach a length of 5–12 cm and have an ovate, lance-shaped form.The crest-shaped flowers are available in a range of hues, such as red, pink, purple, and orange. Some blooms develop as single blossoms on each branch, while others develop as clusters that resemble an eye-catching ball.

The flowers bloom all year round, but late winter to early spring is when they are at their most colourful. Any home will be cheered up by their vibrant blooms. The fruit’s shape is ovoid and spherical, and it has 8–10 lustrous black seeds inside. For ornamental purposes, the crowned flower tree is frequently planted.This plant does well in warm, muggy environments with lots of light. It should not be exposed to extreme cold, and standing water should be avoided.The following varieties of cockatoo plants can be found in nature red phoenix tail crests, yellow crested cockles, and white crested cockles (wild crested flowers).

Red and white crested flowers are the two most common varieties of crested flowers in Vietnam.The Amaranth family includes the flowering plant Celosia argentea. This annual plant with a delicate body is frequently planted in gardens. From mid-spring till summer, flowers bloom. It is spread through seeds. Up to 43,000 seeds are contained in one ounce of the very tiny seeds.

In Africa and Southeast Asia, the flowers and leaves are produced as edible vegetables.The white crested plant is a perennial grass with a smooth, straight stem that has several branches that range in height from 0.3 to 2 metres. The leaves are lanceolate, entire, pointed at the tip, and grow alternately. They are 8–10 cm long and 2-4 cm wide.The scientific name of the red crested cockatoo is Celosia cristata L. It belongs to the Amaranthaceae family and is also referred to as the red crested cockle, first millet, and red cockroach.

Perennial grass known as “red crested plant” has a strong stem, smooth branches, pedunculated leaves, and pointy leaf tips. Flowers with jar-shaped, wrinkled flaring edges, red, yellow, or white pigment, extremely short stalks, practically sessile. The ovoid or globose fruit has 8–10 lustrous black seeds inside. All around, trees are cultivated for aesthetic purposes.

A species of blooming plant known as the crested flower is frequently planted in pots, flowerbeds, or as beautiful borders for gardens and parks. Many people adore crowned flowers, which are also known as decorative flowers. The crested plant is raised in pots and used to adorn homes throughout the year, not just on Tet.

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