attractive pictures In the world of birds… purple gallinules with stunning plumage and bright yellow legs were common…

At the rookery at the High Island Smith Oaks Sanctuary, Purple Gallinules have arrived. From our platforms, they may be seen frequently foraging around the rookery islands.

They balance on shrubs or small trees or stroll through floating vegetation using their large toes. They eat a variety of foods, including grains, seeds, flowers, fruits, and various invertebrates.

On rare occasions, they will even eat the eggs and young of other birds.With its purple head and neck, green back, and bright blue front, this lovely bird catches your eye.

The chicks are black, whereas the juvenile is a pale brown colour with a greenish back. They inhabit in Florida, Central America, and South America and spend the summer around the southeast coast of the United States.

They favour freshwater wetlands with thick margins of bush and floating vegetation.Purple Gallinules may seem odd when they fly short distances with their brilliant yellow legs dangling below them,

yet individuals are frequently seen travelling northward, even as far as Canada. They are still classified by the IUCN as a species of Least Concern, but as crucial wetland habitat has been lost, so has their number.

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